It’s been a liquid existence for the past few months – growth in short spurts but nothing of note. The window looks have been full of sunrises and sets, but without much action. Suddenly, movement. Out of the water and a pair of red gloved hands grabbed me, well, grab is too harsh. I was lifted out of my state of being and held in mid air. I tried to look down at what was underneath me, but, realizing that I was without eyes, I had to just feel my way in the air. My roots, for so long allowed to grow and become moist, were suddenly exposed. Though cold at first, the jolt gave me new notice of myself. Below, the dark but seemingly soft matter was calling to me. Asking for a release and trust that, if I would allow myself to once again to allow for help, I might grow a bit more. We’ll see. The trust has been hard to learn, but avocados are notorious for being free of what was once known. It’s all strange, but there’s excitement ahead. I saw goodbye to window watching and turn to the future of hidden roots. I must remember that their lack of being seen has nothing to do with their actual presence.


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