Spring Motherfuckers!



The windows are open after a long winter. There is no longer fear outside. Today we did fresh cooking. They came back with red bags after a few hours of being out. I see the other veggies chopped and wonder if I looked like that. These guys though, I think they have it pretty tough. They’ve been chopped up, but I can’t see their pits, which to me means it’s the end of the road for them. I’m lucky to have been born an avocado it seems. I forget that once in awhile, and then I see some of the poor fruits and veggies who pass through each day and don’t have that chance to regrow. It’s all about who you are I suppose. I’m enjoying the sunshine these days and look forward to it each night. There is tons of growth at night though, and it’s more painful than taking in the sun is, but I’m getting to enjoy both parts. The roots are really giving me some lower body strength, which I feel is important. The water and I are becoming quite friendly. Herb is always talking, always growing, and always getting picked, which I think he enjoys. Me, there is a new me each day, and the slowness of the growth allows me to enjoy each step. There is a lot of preparation in the human food. They must undergo so much process to get fed. Me, I don’t need to do anything other than watch the sun come up. It’s good to be an avocado.


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