Brooklyn in the Forever Winter


It’s only when you are held up, against a sky, under the almost night,

in the almost winter

That you understand

the magnificence of silence.

It’s in this silence that you can really listen.

I heard it was the birthday of the late Charlie Mingus, and it made me think of my little guy who passed over a year ago. Well over a year ago. I miss him terribly and look for him when I’m blue as I used to, only to find that he’s gone.

It makes me older.

And so I grew today, though with a bit of sadness for theĀ absence of my good and loyal friend.I cried all day inside, so deep that I didn’t know it. It’s only now, that it’s come to the surface, that I realize what I was holding in.

My little guy I do not like letting go of you into memory. Into the past. I have that feeling in my pit of stale pain. The kind that does not escape – it doesn’t want to.

But the sky is amazing. Maybe it was you telling me not to cry.

Anyhow, I’m growing.


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