It’s Herb!


“Hi Frank. I’m Herb. Upstate’s where I’m from. I just left all my friends, but I’m rooted well and have some family with me. You alone here?”

“I’m not. There’s a cat across the way, squirrels that perform acrobatics and birds not being swayed by the brease. Plus, I’m growing.”

Herb looked at Frank’s short spurt and tuned a dark green. “Pal, I don’t want you to get jealous when I show you what growth’s all about. Most of me is still underground. You okay in that water?”

“Yeah – I’m good with it now. Getting here was a little odd. I’m not what I used to be, but not fully what I’m supposed to be.”

“Okay Pal. Whatever you say. Me, I’m going to hang on the sill with you for a bit if it’s all the same for you.”

“It’s not all the same for any of us. Not a day of it.”

“It was an expression, Pal. Be Easy with it.”

I had company for the first time, as if the blooming trees from outside had reached through the glass and took a spot next to me. Herb seems cool and smells amazing. The windows are being opened more and more, and when they are, the wind blows the scent of Herb right to me and I understand how amazing life is through his abilities. 


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