Up Top



And then you see the results. The weather outside is lighter, and I feel more at home. The sun, like the sun of my early days of being alive, is landing on me. Through this window I watch out of, I can see the growth of trees that might have been just like me. Inside, there is another me attempting to duplicate the growth around me. However, what I find myself doing, is telling the growth inside of me to go its own way. There is no need to grow like the others. It’s hard though, because the spurts inside are looking for guidance, but there is none. There is no formula for growth. It is, I think at least (and what do I know as I’m just an avocado), a very natural act. We all grow. We all wait for growth. We all might attempt to control growth, but in the end, it just happens. However, my positioning is changing and the results of my patience seem to be paying off. Excited to see what happens next.

The winter was difficult without my skin, but now my season is approaching.


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