It seems that there are long stretches of life that these humans live while looking at the wrong thing. They’d been looking the entire time for a sprout on top, but really, it all happens below the surface. Myself, I’ve enjoyed not being photographed for awhile – it’s allowed for a very peaceful growth. I believe the temperature change has them looking underneath now. What has been amazing for me is to understand that there is future growth in myself without having to see immediate results. This has been the biggest shift. I’m happy though – happy that it’s happened like that. Happy that I am able to enjoy myself for the avocado I’ve become, not the one I was or the one I might be. Growing roots has taught me that. Very enjoyable. What’s even more exciting is that I’m splitting open. I am actually. There is a wider gap then before. How fantastic. I didn’t notice while it was happening. The water I have gotten use to, and the view is spectacular. I’m watching the squirrels move trough the world, eating the trees. Mostly though, I’ve come to some realizations. That’s always a good thing. Now, I must concentrate on growing, or at least knowing that I am.


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