The first few moments were frightening, but soon after, I had visions of what was going on. That somehow my destiny was starting to really show inside of me. In fact, the me that was out in the world, was now what was formerly inside of me. That makes me smile from within. I feel now that I am in a constant state of growth. Outside the window, I can see other plants are still waiting for their spurt, but that’s fine. I hear their voices carried over the wind and echoed on the rain, which drops as it has for longer than species like mine even existed. Maybe that’s happening to me: I’m getting back to the point of existence. For now though, I’m not going to think about suc things and I’ll enjoy the windowsill I now find myself on, here in Brooklyn. So far, it’s been a life full of birth, movement, games, fear and now the aftermath of all those events. How amazing that I’m here to see it. Yes. Though of course, I miss the warmth of my weight and am excited and nervous about the unknown. Perhaps the trees outside feel the same, though their language is tough to pick up. If I’m quiet, there could be a chance. Growing by letting go of what was.


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