At first, I was afraid when they came after me with the knife. The object looked intimidating and my fears crept up from deep inside of me. I screamed, but there was nobody around to help me.  The first slice though, rather than hurting, felt like I was shedding weight from myself that I had been carrying. I thought the heaviness I always felt in life, what I thought I had to carry around with me, was really just excess bagage that I didn’t need. The sliced and scooped at will, and with each movement, I felt more like the self I was supposed to be. When done, though a bit wet and exposed, the world shifted again. It was me, the real me, hidden beneath layers of excess filling that I didn’t need. I wonder if others have so much weight that they feel is needed when they roll through life. Perhaps they do. I say to then, don’t fear getting rid of what you believe to be yourself. It may not be you at all. I can’t wait to see what happens next. My life, I think, truly begins now. I feel like there is more of me that needs to grow. Outstanding! I am FRANK!


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