They Found Me



Things have taken a drastic turn here. They came after me today. It was a shock and I wasn’t ready for it, but that’s what shocks are. I rolled as fast as I could, but my rolls were not match for their want and desire to catch me. Those bright lights came down all too quickly, and now, well, they found me. I’m not sure what kind of transmissions I’ll be able to send over the next few days. They look happy, but the look in their eyes is quite different from the day I entered the house. It’s fine – inside, I know everything is going to be fine – but I’m afraid. Does anyone have experiences with what happens to an avocado once it’s been in a house too long? Again, I hear the voice inside telling me it’s going to be fine, but my outside self doesn’t believe me. They found me – I still can’t believe it. The lights were so bright, I can hardly see.


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