Today I learned about money and owning things. It was great fun and unusual because things that are very important – like where you live, how much money you have, and what happens to you along the way are very much up to chance. Rolls of the dice. It makes me think about the people I see out the window and if they realize how much of their life is up to chance. Some people were born  in nice places, others not so nice, and they think there is something they can do about their situation. Well, of course, there is. But, much like myself, I had no choice of where I was born or what I was born as, so that means that there was a bunch of my life that was already planned out for me. Still, I enjoyed watching the dice roll and seeing where I would end up and then, best of all, doing what I thought was best with the situations that presented themselves to me. If life is a game such as monopoly, I wonder why it doesn’t start over every now and then so everyone can have a chance to be all of the pieces. Maybe it is, who knows.  That feeling I had from deep within is still poking at me, and I need to do something about it. Also, the people here who are taking care of me keep looking at me in a strange way. Maybe they are about to take a turn in their game.


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