What is most interesting about how people act up here in Brooklyn is that they always do things to themselves to change their appearance. That’s funny to me, because for me, I just had to look like the best avocado I could possible be in order to get picked from the tree, the truck, and then finally, the market. What if I had dressed up like a mellon or maybe a cob of corn? Then, the person buying me because they thought I was one thing, would be very disappointed when they got me home and discovered that I was something else. Maybe they would have tried me even though it’s not what they originally wanted, but I don’t know how folks would react to the old switch-a-roo. Anyway, I did really enjoy looking at the masks and I tried to put them on, but again, my lack of arms and hands prevented me from fully indulging. That’s fine – maybe by not having everything you want creates a greater desire to search for more. Wow, there were many thoughts moving through my mind when looking at the masks. I wonder if people think like that when they are wearing their masks around the city?



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