It had been a very busy week, so on Sunday, I took some time to refresh. Drifting off between worlds (naps can help you do that), I found myself deep in thought without having to put too much work into doing so. I had the sensation of being home even though I was far from the physical place. Everything was so warm around me – perhaps because I was tucked in so perfectly while in the real world – the now world, that it allowed my to drift so seamlessly through another state of being. The feeling of heaviness that I had experienced so often these past few days gave way, and I felt myself to be smaller – with part of me touching water. Inside, I was growing. Becoming another me – but with the same tendencies I’d always had. I wished for sunshine and couldn’t get enough watch. My whole being stretched for water. When I came back to my “here” self, I stayed laying down, half afraid that I would roll over to the ground if I moved, and the other part of me not willing to let go of slumber. So I stayed in that magnificent middle ground of wakefulness. Sunday afternoon allows for such things.


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