I had a very interesting experience last night. Something called a book by a human named Shel Silverstein. The most amazing thing happened as I started to move through it. Inside of me – somewhere I hadn’t even realized existed, started to buzz. I followed this little boy through his entire life – and watched as his life and the life of a tree ran across each other time and time again. So many things moved inside of me – as though whatever happened to the tree and the boy were happening to me. It made me think that everything happening in the world is happening to all of us – regardless of if we are tree, boy or avocado. I wonder if most people and fruits realize this? Probably not, because I didn’t notice that many of the other avocados or trees or humans that were picking or driving reading books. It must be a very important secret that some beings just don’t know. I spend the time reading about the tree and the boy, and then, when I finished, was a bit sad that it was over – until I realized that I could just start again. Which I did. Over and over again. I felt something though with the tree that I didn’t feel with the boy – that somehow its fait was going to be very familiar. Perhaps that’s why books exist. I’d like to tell the others about books.


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