Seeing inside



Things got interesting today. Avocados, at least the ones I know, or knew, don’t go beyond their actions to express themselves. After all, we are who we are and are comfortable with that. However, today I saw the work of Keith Haring and was really moved. If I had hands, I might try to do something like that – to show what’s happening inside of me and how I saw the world around me. I saw the lines that he painted and enjoyed how they all worked together. There was this man running away fromt the rest of the world – from the world as he saw it at least. He is covering his eyes from something that he has already seen – perhaps he is trying to forget what he’s seen – but I don’t see how that’s possible. Once you experience something, it stays inside of you. That’s how I felt anyway when I looked at Keith Haring’s painting. These humans have some very unique abilities and yet, the further they reach inside of themselves, it seems like the just have more questions or a need to share it with other humans. That’s cool. I’m enjoying my time here, but I am feeling a little heavy. Something inside of me is trying to get out as well. Like I said, if I had hands, I would paint what I’m feeling. Since I don’t, I’ll enjoy experiencing the world around me in Brooklyn.


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