A Nice Glass of Goodness


At night, we relax a bit. Take sip from a decent glass with a solid bottom that feels right. Those first few are the ones that set the mood. Frank Ocean is playing next to me – the man really knows how to make music. It’s been a long time since we had someone decent to listen to with our scotch. A light lean while the rest of the world walks by, or stumbles by, or just sits there while the world moves around them. It works that way. Still coherent, I’m feeling heavy and something inside of me is calling, yet I don’t want to hear it. Not yet. At this point, I’d rather still lean and be, well, still. To stay the same – that’s what everyone up here is trying to accomplish. To move and shift is a big risk, so most just think on it. They keep pouring me glasses of the drink, and the rightness of the weight is fading just slightly, though the music on the album keeps playing just right. At least the musicians haven’t forgotten us yet. After a few more, the lean isn’t as picture perfect, but that’s what I’m learning here. Perfection has nothing to do with life. That voice though is still calling from the core.


..See now, I’ve thought too much about myself and I didn’t stop at that one glass. Looking inside so much is going to cause moments like this. It’s fine. I’m fine. The time here is going to be worth it. As long as the music keeps going.


One thought on “A Nice Glass of Goodness

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