The Mind


Today I worked my Zen Rock Garden and relaxed my mind a bit. It seems that many people around me are in front of screens most of the day. When I moved the rocks and sand around, something happened to my mind. I was able to shift all of those inner thoughts that keep rolling around in me and quiet them down. Still, there is something odd happening. There is a feeling that I’m carrying too much weight – a voice inside of me asking that I shed something, though I can’t understand it. I’m not trying to understand it as much as I’m trying to listen to it. Moving matter around in slow motion is helping a bit. Outside, I can hear the city rumbling – Trucks moving other avocados around are proceeding at their normal speed. Perhaps this is mine. I was joined by someone else in my meditation today. It looked very much as if he were in a transition period. I asked “Why do you look so strange?” It replied “I’m actually getting to the heart of who I am.” Not understanding, I continued moving the sand. It’s interesting here in Brooklyn.


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