State of the Union



Later that night, we all gathered around the TV to watch the leader of the country talk to the people of the country. He spoke very well, but I enjoyed watching the people who were watching him. Sometimes they all clapped, and sometimes that had a sour look on their faces. The man speaking seemed to be tired and a little angry that the people listening to him weren’t really listening to him. Still, they stood up and clapped many times. Afterwards, they all wanted to have their picture taken with him. It’s a very interesting country up here, and I look forward to seeing what the newspapers have to say about everyone standing and sitting and standing again. I wonder if they’d ever let an avocado speak to all of those people and tell them what it’s like to live on a tree and be picked and then tossed in a truck. Of course, if there were other avocados in the audience, they wouldn’t be able to stand up because we don’t have legs. Maybe that would make the speech shorter. Still, I’m enjoying watching how it all works.


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